Automatic licence-plate cover-up

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The brand as a signature on each photo 

Enhance your photos and showcase your brand image on every photo thanks to the automatic licence-plate cover-up. Stampyt’s artificial intelligence technology will identify the licence plate on the vehicles and then instantly adds a plate cover with your brand logo. This functionality is convenient and saves the sales teams time, as they no longer have to cover the original licence plate.

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Cutting-edge technology Automatic licence-plate cover-up is made possible by the extremely powerful artificial intelligence that we use.

Help your sales executives save precious time as they no longer have to worry about systematically covering up the licence plates on each vehicle.

Caring for their image. An enhanced final visual image which adds value to the brand and its professionalism through the vehicle.

In addition to the autonomy of our solutions, we offer a quality control to check each plate cover through the eyes of a human being.

Plate cover

Original photo

Final photo

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