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Professionals in automotive retail:
add value to your business using automatic imaging technologies via the Stampyt API​

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35 million photos processed using Stampyt technologies in 2019 

Automatic clipping

Optimised used vehicle photo

Rev up the sales potential of your clients’ used vehicle advertisements thanks to attractive photos. A fully automated service which removes the vehicle from the original scene to make it stand out against a standard background.

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Hybrid clipping

The must-have for photo personalisation

Boost the potential of your used vehicle advertisements with images highlighting the professionalism of your clients thanks to personalised photos using the image of the dealership. Propose an innovative solution which adds a great deal of value for distributors.

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Automatic licence-plate cover-up

The finishing touche for your used vehicles

Make your clients an offer to include an automatic licence-plate cover-up on each used vehicle photo. This service brings a final, professional finishing touch to photos of vehicles and means that plate covers don't have to be applied manually on site.

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