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All of applications included in Stampyt Suite:

Used vehicle purchase >

Cash purchase NEW

Automatically produces vehicle trade-in proposals to present to customers visiting the workshop.

C to B sourcing NEW

Matching of vehicle advertisements (private individuals). Plain and simple purchase offer proposals.

Used and new vehicle sales >


Conduct photo shoots quickly and easily from a mobile.


Create video presentations of vehicles from the application in a variety of formats: personalised video, introduction video, pre-delivery video, etc. Video is becoming a must-have medium.


Map vehicles from all angles with 360° captures. The 360° is realistic and highly transparent, revealing both vehicle features and faults for greater customer transparency (hotspots).

Video call

Making customer appointments by video call becomes quick and easy. With the application, you can organise remote conferences, streamlining daily interactions and providing new areas of customer service.


Stampyt’s cropping AI lets you automatically crop photos of your vehicles, with no action on your part, and no restrictions on use. This system allows you to highlight and enhance vehicle photos.

Test AI
Plate cover

Stampyt’s licence plate cover-up AI automatically hides visible registration plates from photos with no action on your part, and no restrictions on use. Licence plate cover-ups promote your brand.

Test AI

Stampyt’s delivery technology uses a player capable of playing all types of personalised content (HD photos, videos, 360°s and hotspots) depending on the web medium used (your website, manufacturer’s website, marketplace, etc.).


Take a photo and distribute it in the brand’s colours with the customer and their new vehicle. Celebrate key handover, emphasising the delivery experience to leave a positive memory of your dealership.

Quality NEW

Automated analysis of all photos from your organisation.

Detects poor-quality images and alerts you to others that fail to meet Stampyt quality standards.

Performance >


Real-time measurement of return on investment (ROI) for your actions and your engagement with Stampyt.

Makes it easy to compare the jointly agreed goals at the start with actual results over time.


Measure the effectiveness of all your teams’ work. Track and improve employee activities to boost the impact of all their actions.


Manage commercial initiatives via the Stampyt Business Intelligence interface.

Boost performance and profits.

Workshop >

Inspection NEW

Scan a vehicle with a smartphone whenever it enters or leaves the workshop, in just a few seconds. Guarantee, traceability and irrefutable proof in the event of a customer dispute.

Add-on sales NEW

Stimulate additional sales during workshop visits by offering necessary service work supported by trusted content (photos and videos).

Management >

Admin NEW

Manage allocations of Stampyt Suite applications for all employees.

Choose levels of access according to employees’ job profiles and requirements.

Integrations NEW

Connect your favourite applications and services with Stampyt technologies to increase the performance of business models and mechanisms.

Media >


You’re never alone at Stampyt: there will always be a “human being” there to support your users!


Learn and train easily in the use of the different Stampyt Suite applications with e-learning programmes and human support from the Stampyt team.

Performance monitoring

Stampyt’s Customer Success team supports customers in their deployment strategy.  A practical action plan and regular monitoring let you find the best path towards efficiency and ROI.

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